How does the warmer work?

The warmer works in the same way as the gel hand-warming packs that warm up when you click a metal disc inside – when you press the orange button on the yoomi warmer, youre effectively clicking the metal disc and its the phase change from liquid to solid inside the warmer that creates the instant warmth.

The cold feed is gently warmed as it flows around the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat, it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 deg C). The warmer has been carefully designed to stay warm for up to one hour. You then need to recharge the warmer between each use which takes the warmer back to its liquid state inside, ready to use again.

How does yoomi help provent colic?

The teat design features 6 built-in anti-colic vents which ensure that air does not bubble through the teat and into the feed when baby drinks.

Standard bottles have 1-3 vents so yoomi's design is especially anti-colic. Make sure that you do not overtighten the collar to ensure that the anti-colic vents work properly.

How does yoomi prevent overheating my babys feed?

Our engineers have designed the yoomi system so that it is impossible for baby's feed to be warmed above a safe, maximum temperature (when used as instructed). This means that there is no possibility of baby being exposed to unsafe temperatures from either the bottle or the warmer.

Why are the contents of the yoomi warmer safe?

Yes, the contents of the warmer are safe. The warmer contains the same gel as used in commonly available hand warmer packs.

The gel is a non-toxic, concentrated salt solution (It is used as an additive in ice cream). Just to be extra safe, we have added a food grade colourant so that any leaks are visible, and Bitrex®, a safe but bitter substance that will ensure that even if there is a leak, baby will not swallow any of the solution.

Why do we think yoomi is the best warming system on the market?

Lots of reasons!

Safe and Hygienic - Conventional bottle warmers will warm the entire bottle of feed and so any bacteria in the feed will start to multiply immediately upon warming. If baby takes an hour to drink its feed, the bacteria has had an hour to multiply. The yoomi warmer warms the feed as baby drinks, leaving very little time for the bacteria to multiply. If baby takes an hour to feed, the feed will remain cool until baby starts to drink, thereby minimising bacterial growth.

Quick - Conventional bottle warmers take approx 6 minutes to warm fridge temperature milk. Yoomi takes just 60 seconds, just what you need for those 3am night feeds.

Perfectly safe temperature - Unlike other warmers, there is no second guessing whether the temperature is correct, yoomi warms to perfect breast milk temperature every time.

Portable - no plugs, no batteries and no more carrying around flasks of boiling water, yoomi is the most practical solution to feeding on the go.

The Safer Option - the guidelines strongly recommend against using the microwave to warm feeds due to the feed developing hot spots. Some parents are no longer using the microwave to warm baby's feed due to yoomi being just as quick but a safer option.

Do yoomi products contain BPA (Bisphenol-A)?

No, they do not. All yoomi products are 100% BPA free.

Help! My baby won't take a bottle

We understand that not all babies like all teats but we’re confident that yoomi may be able to help. The soft, naturally shaped teat is popular with babies and our built-in warmer creates a naturally warm teat that makes yoomi a gentle way to introduce a first bottle to breastfed babies.

Can I travel on a plane with yoomi?

Yes, yoomi is perfect for travelling, especially for long journeys where you may have difficulties warming your baby’s milk.
We recommend that you take as many warmers as possible to cover your feeding requirements whilst on a plane as you won’t be able to recharge them until after your flight.
The level of liquid inside the warmer is just under 100ml and are therefore fine to travel with. It may be an idea to take a copy of the yoomi instructions with you in case any customs officers want further information.
However many yoomi customers, and the yoomi team regularly fly with yoomi warmers.