Self-Warming Bottle


Perfect temperature milk in 60 seconds at the touch of a button

The only bottle that protects the essential nutrients in breast milk and formula

  • Quick: ready in 60 seconds
  • Portable: use anytime, anyplace
  • Safe: never overheat the milk again
  • Natural: warms to breastmilk temperature
  • Healthy: protects the essential nutrients
  • Hygienic: prevents rapid bacterial growth
  • Comforting: easi-latch & 6 anti-colic vents
  • Easy transitioning: naturally shaped, warm teat for a 'just likeum' feel

 Sharing the joy. Preserving the goodness

Although breast pumps can be a little pricey, expressing enables you or your partner to give your baby breastmilk - the perfect blend of vitamins, proteins, fats and antibodies that will help your baby grow and fight off viruses and bacterial infections.

But when it comes to warming your breastmilk, traditional methods can overheat the milk, reducing its nutritional value. Our skilled design team has developed a high-performance bottle that carefully controls the warming process, so all the vital nutrients are preserved.