yoomi bottle

A more natural and comforting feeding experience

Making the change from breast to bottle easier
  • Easy latch-on: large super-soft silicone teat
  • Less colic: 6 air-vents to reduce colic & distress
  • Easy transitioning: natural,   breast-like teat
  • Extra wide neck: easy cleaning & mixing
  • Spill-free travel: special cap design
  • Flexible: add yoomi warmer for a self-warming bottle

Preventing colic

To prevent colic, bottles need a good venting system to reduce the air that flows back into the bottle as a baby drinks.

Our unique design has 6 air vents in the base of the nipple, rather than the standard 1 or 2, so that the yoomi bottle is one of the best bottles for colic on the market.